Inspiration Through Music: Ben Webb


This week, I had the pleasure of listening to the ultra-talented Ben Webb, a performer whom I’d never heard of before, but whose music instantly reminded me of several other artists. Webb’s music is dynamic, multi-faceted, and speaks of people’s many transitions through life.

I’m impressed by the many different genres covered by Webb and his co-writer and producer, Jez Thomas in their EP, Devolve which was released early last year. While listening to Devolve, I was reminded of other musicians that I’ve featured on Inspiration Through Music before such as City and Colour’s folk/rock tunes and Groove Armada’s downtempo beats. Webb has a voice not unlike Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie fame and at times, sings very similarly to Chris Conley from Saves the Day, a rock voice that pairs nicely on all of their songs.

Webb and Thomas are based in the Midlands, UK and are currently at work on their second EP and are making plans to perform in several venues later this year.

Since discovering Webb’s music, I’ve become a fan of his song, Last Go, which is the most electronic song on the EP. I have a particular affinity for electronic music. The poetry of the lyrics and the close similarity to Saves the Day’s style of music really remind me of a character that I’m currently writing for my ebook series, Beast of Burden. The character is dealing with a major transition in his life (aka becoming a vampire!) and at the tender age of 18, is trying to come to terms with the new rules that are governing him. He isn’t the main character, but he is crucial to the story and his mental and emotional turbulence are integral to the plot of the first book of this series.

To hear “Last Go”, or any of the other songs on the Devolve EP, you can follow this link to Webb’s site and download a copy for yourselves!

You can also follow Ben Webb’s Facebook page here.

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