Spring Updates (Thumbs Up!)

It’s been over a month since I’ve posted.

This time has not passed idly. While I haven’t stuck to my New Year’s resolution about blogging more consistently, I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping to everything else on it. And I’m proud of myself for those things. Life feels as though it’s on an upswing at the moment and I’m not going to complain about it (even as I suffer from a particularly debilitating head cold).

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Instead of apologizing like I have many times over, I thought I’d share with you some of the things I’ve accomplished/started over the last few months or so.

In the kitchen…

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This delicious strawberry dulce de leche tart. I made it for Easter and even started writing a Cooking Adventure for it. Unfortunately, I burnt the caramel which in turn ruined the entire thing… So… yeah. Other things I didn’t take pictures of that I made? Some kick ass chocolate chip cookies. And another killer campfire cake in celebration for the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

In my house…

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This kick-ass crocodile hat rack (of which my dad did most of the work on and therefore deserves most of the kudos for).

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This (excuse my language) fuck ton of leaves that I feel like I’ve been raking for the last three years in my yard. There are still two giant piles of them which have yet to vacate the premises. This is due to the (pardon) fuck ton of rain that we’ve received in the last few weeks.

In my writing…

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I got to be a part of this amazing anthology as part of the Horror Writers of Maine. My story “Rare Birds” is featured alongside a bevy of other incredible Maine authors. The anthology is available in paperback, and for Kindle.

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My current WIP, a novella called “The Collection” was recently edited for content by the fabulous Tanya Gold, and now I have the painstaking task of going through the manuscript once more to further enrich and improve it.

I’ve also been working on a short story for another anthology which I’ve been laboring over for a couple months now. The deadline is in two weeks…and I need to finish things up!

These (and many other things) have been the reason I’ve been away from the blog for so long. That’s not likely to change unfortunately. I do have an event in Bangor at the Bangor Comic and Toy Con May 26th-28th where I’ll be set up with some fellow authors from Horror Writers of Maine. I’ll be blogging about that experience after the fact (and hopefully doing a bit more on Twitter during the actual event).

After that… who knows? I’ll get real for a moment here. The beautiful thing, the thing that I’m not going to complain about, is that with all of its ups and downs, I’m genuinely happy about where I am and how things are right now in my life. This is a feeling that I haven’t felt in a while. I was not in a happy place last year, which may have shown through some of my blog posts. I won’t get into why or how that’s changed from one year to the next, but I’m determined not to let that be the case again this year. So just know, that if I am not blogging, I am probably, most certainly having a good time.

Until next time,



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