Horror Fail Friday (NEW) Part 1

old writing (3)

Admit it: If you are a writer, you have old material, likely from when you were a kid or you were just beginning your burgeoning career in the literary world. After some time, you happen upon these old papers or files and give them a nostalgic look-over, maybe to see how far you’ve come, maybe to remember that first spark that excited you about writing. So, you read.


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…You realize just how bad your writing was.

Horror-Fail Friday is a blog where I go back and share some of my early writing with you and include my reactions in italics alongside the unedited document. When I say “unedited”, it means I’ve left in spelling errors, poor grammar, and ridiculous plot devices. Be prepared to delve into the horror that is middle school age writing.

Our new story is “Rising To Escape”, an unfinished techno-thriller which I wrote in seventh grade, when I had untamed curly afro hair, zero social skills, and many a tie-dyed t-shirt. I’m going into this blind; I don’t actually remember this story, nor what it was about. I have a terrible feeling about it though, like there’s going to be something in it that will give me a full-body cringe. Let’s dive in, shall we?

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