Inspiration Through Music: Peter Mulvey

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If you’ve been following the Monstrum Chronicles blog for some time now, you’ll know that I love discovering new music and writing alongside said music. Recently, my boyfriend introduced me to a musician whose style can only be described as part Ray LaMontagne, part phenomenal guitar, and part…sunshine and coffee. Have you ever listened to someone sing and been able to practically see them smile through their voice? Peter Mulvey is this musician.

I was lucky enough to meet him at a recent performance in Hallowell at the beginning of June. He’s one of those people with a charming personable presence, the kind who can entertain with word and song and that you can never grow tired of listening to. He’s become my go to for car rides, down time in the house, and yes, even for certain story ideas. As I’ve been thinking more and more about starting a sequel for Night Time, Dotted Line (my dramedy), I’ve found that Mulvey’s voice resonates with both of the main characters, Calleigh and Spencer, well; particularly with Calleigh though.

Today, I’m going to share a few of Peter Mulvey’s songs with you along with some of the images that his songs conjure in my mind. This is a fun little exercise that you can do in your own spare time. Just take a pencil and paper, play to the songs below, and see what comes to mind when you listen. Enjoy!

Windshield: Rain spattering across glass from an overcast sky. A man drives a car around a small town, gazing out at the people he once recognized as friends and neighbors, people he no longer talks to or who no longer understand him. He left for what seemed like a good reason at the time, but he’d thought they would understand when he came back, it would be to start over. But they don’t. Not yet.

Shirt: A late afternoon campfire with friends seated in the golden light, laughing and recounting memories from past summers. A woman smiles and pulls his shirt closer around herself.

The Trouble With Poets: Secret glances, secret smiles across the way. Looking back over the messages and letting that same smile warm her lips. Warmth like a blanket over her shoulders every time she thinks of him.

DIA: Scratching a dog’s chin. Steam rising from your black coffee in the sunny kitchen. Grass waving in the fields from a strong breeze. A white room with a bed, desk, chair, and typewriter that overlooks those fields and the cumulus that hangs in the blue.

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One of my new favorite songs has got to be DIA. Mulvey described the song as being “easy to write” when he performed in Hallowell, and gave it this anthropomorphic quality of being like a dog, happy and excited and carefree. “Are You Listening?” is Mulvey’s newest album and contains a bevy of beautiful songs including The Other Morning Over Coffee, Just Before the War, and the titular Are You Listening? (my other new favorite).

Interested in listening to more of Peter Mulvey’s work and finding out more about the man himself? Of course you are. Here are some links for you to check out.

Official website




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2 thoughts on “Inspiration Through Music: Peter Mulvey

    • He’s fantastic! And so awesome to listen to in person. You should definitely check out more of his stuff when you get the chance.

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