Horror-Fail Friday Part 2

old writing (3)

**Horror-Fail Friday is a blog where I go back and share some of my early writing with you and include my reactions in italics alongside the unedited document. When I say “unedited”, it means I’ve left in spelling errors, poor grammar, and ridiculous plot devices. Be prepared to delve into the horror that is middle school age writing.**

Today, we’re continuing with chapter 2 of “Rising to Escape” a dumb techno thriller that I tried to write back in 6th or 7th grade. So far, police officer Samantha Bynes, recovering from the death of her partner (who was hit by a motorcycle), discovers that the nuclear missile codes have been stolen via fax from the police department. I’d repeat that sentence but I have a feeling that certain parts of my brain will shut down if I do. Due to the idiocy of a rookie cop, they discover that the thief snuck in through the roof. Upon realizing this, Samantha concludes she is a useless human being and cannot do anything right. Now, onto our new character…who’s life is somehow worse than Samantha’s.

On we go.

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