Top 10 Video Game Soundtracks in 2017

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Yeah. I haven’t written a blog post since September…and I don’t feel great about that. But it is the end of 2017, a glorious end, and I felt as though I shouldn’t skimp on tradition. I’ve done this post for the last three years (maybe four) and it is one of my favorite topics to compile a list of. Every year, some amazing game composers create phenomenal soundtracks. Often the games are ones that not a lot of people have checked out being they are made by indie developers with small teams.

This year was a bit tough, being that I indulged in discovering and listening to soundtracks from older games more than playing newer ones. Because they came out so long ago, they aren’t eligible for the list.  I also listened to WAY more new movie and television scores this year (which should have their own list, but will probably end up in future Inspiration Through Music blog posts. (I say that with the intent to actually write new Inspiration Through Music blog posts… *snigger*.) I honestly shouldn’t keep such rigid rules for this…it would make things so much easier. But, be as it may, I do have several soundtrack scores to share with you. So, let’s begin the countdown, shall we?

#10. Stories Untold Soundtrack by NoCode

Why: So here’s a syth-pumped short playlist of music that feels very 80’s inspired and comes right along on the heels of the very popular Netflix series, Stranger Things. Stories Untold is a text-based adventure game which tells four separate suspenseful stories that intertwine. These four stories (The House Abandon, The Lab Conduct, The Station Process, and The Last Session) guide the player through small interactive environments featuring various puzzles. What’s most gripping about Untold’s soundtrack is its intensity. It always feels as though there’s more to the situation, a gravity that hovers just out of sight. It’s haunting and brilliant in its repetition and has been wonderful to listen to while working on climactic scenes in projects over the year. Track picks: Stories Untold, We Move Together in Unison, Utterly Consumed By It

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