30 Day Challenge: Day 1 – Happiness

Day 1: Ten Things That Make You Happy

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Here we are at Day 1 of my 30 day writing challenge. I’m doing this in the hopes that I’ll get back into writing on this blog regularly through these short posts. My first entry is a pretty fun one; ten things that make me happy.  In no particular order, here we go…

1. Cats


There’s something to be said for the love of a cat. Cats are independent, sometimes enjoying your affection and at others, preferring to be on their own. Maybe I find my own disposition toward other people to be the same. Sometimes, I really like to be near people and at others, I really enjoy my alone time. My cat, Lemon Jelly, knows when I’m upset, can enjoy a good cuddle on the couch on the blanket next to me, or behind my head. He sleeps next to me on the bed when he can (and still tries to when he can’t). Hearing that satisfied purr sometimes is one of the most comforting things in the world. Yes, he may kill some plants, puke in strange places, and attempt brain surgery on me while I sleep, but at the end of the day, he’s still my best friend.

2. Sunny Spots


Also much like a cat, I love curling up in a sunny chair and absorbing the warmth. Hell, I’ll take a spot on the kitchen floor, in my car, or on the deck as long as it’s bright and warm. When the sun goes down, the only thing that holds a candle to that sunny chair is a heated blanket (actually, all the blankets) on my extra long comfy couch.

3. Coffee (and other warm beverages)

coffee swirl

This is to go along with our warm theme. It’s been well documented that I’m a lover of all things coffee. It’s my preferred morning waker-uper, my out and about drink of choice. I always love me some coffee. But I’ve also been known to cherish a nice cup of Earl Grey and some hot chocolate on occasion. Fall and winter are the best excuse to consume all of these, preferably coffee and tea multiple times in a 24 hour period.

4. Rain

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The sound of it, watching it, going out in it, not going out in it… On the days where I don’t need to go out, I feel even cozier cuddling up in a blanket, reading a book, and occasionally staring out at the deluge. I also conversely love going out in rain sometimes. On days where I don’t have any obligations and I just want to pop out for coffee or to mindlessly shop, I prefer doing it on rainy days. The sound of it while going to sleep helps relax me. And while long periods of it do get a little bit tiring, I still enjoy that occasional two day rainstorm (with thunder of course!).

5. Sharks


This one. Right here. One of the most beautiful animals in my opinion and one of my favorite. Sharks have always fascinated me. For a long time, I had an interest in apex predators (crocodiles, lions, bears, etc.) Something about them really sparked an interest in me at a young age and I think if I’d had the mind for science, I’d have really enjoyed studying them more closely. Be that as it may, the fact that sharks are particularly misunderstood has really been a point with me for a long time and I’m all about trying to raise awareness against these misconceptions of them all being man-eating creatures. The whale shark in the photo above eats plankton. No murderous impulses there. Just looking at photos of them makes me happy knowing that these gentle giants exist.

6. Instrumental Music

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Listening to music without lyrics is one of my favorite things to do. I feel like I can focus better without trying to listen to what people are singing. That’s not to say I don’t like music with lyrics, but it’s not my preference. Anyone who’s followed the blog for a while knows that I love my ambient instrumental, the really basic music that is mostly sound effects. And I have a special love for video game soundtracks. My current favorite? Cuphead. Seriously awesome jazzy tunes. Love ’em.

7. Autumn


My favorite time of the year. The air gets a little cooler. I can finally start to wear boots and sweaters and flannels. The colors of the trees are practically kaleidoscopic and ever changing. But it’s still warm, and there’s still plenty of time for summer activities, too. And baking. Lots and lots of baking.

8. Hugs

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It’s not something many people know about me. In fact, I sometimes don’t like much physical contact from people. But from the people I care about: friends, family, cat, boyfriend… I love hugs. They make me feel secure and warm and safe and loved. There’s so much in a hug that’s hard to communicate in words, but they always make me happy when they’re given from people (and animals) I love.

9. Forests


I’ve always felt a connection to woods of any kind and, no, it’s not because my last name actually means “forest”. Whether it’s hiking, going for a walk in, taking photos of, or just writing a scene in them, they make me feel content. What’s more: forests always give me the itch to write. They inspire me…which makes me happy. If I lived in a place without them, I don’t know if I would feel completely at home. I do love deserts but I think I would miss these green sanctuaries if I was away from them for too long.

10. Writing

Write Drunk Edit Sober

Having the time to sit down in a comfortable place and pour out all of my thoughts on paper… This is something that makes me truly the happiest. If I don’t get to do this, these really inspirational ideas that I get flit away. I forget them. I get angry and sad when I can’t find time to just sit down and use my word processor, whether it’s because of my day job or my endless chores now that I own my own home… I love when I get the chance to listen to my own music and pound out ten pages of writing.

And there you have it: a list of pure happiness. Since I ended up finishing this up on the 2nd of February, you can expect to see my second challenge post later this evening.

Until then,



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