30 Day Challenge: Day 2 – Pet Peeves

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So… I might have skipped a few days between Day 1 and Day 2, and I know I have some catching up to do. That being said, I’m going to keep these posts short and sweet. Let’s get to it. Day 2 is about three of my greatest pet peeves. Ready?

No. 1 – People who don’t use their blinker at a turn

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I’m not sure why it’s so difficult for people to just reach down and flick the little lever that tells the rest of the world whether you are going right or left…or straight. When you don’t use it…it confuses the rest of us mightily. For safety and sanity, people, please continue to use your blinkers. Don’t think that because you use this turn all the time or that because you don’t see anyone coming, it’s suddenly okay not to. That’s how accidents happen.

No. 2 – People who don’t say “thank you”

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I’ll admit, since I work in retail, I see this more than I’d like to. I pay attention to it when I go out to grocery stores and gas stations and the employees there get little to zero appreciation. I notice it in other retail stores, specialty shops, and service places. It’s really kind of sad. Most people are too busy figuring out what to do with the rest of their days that they can’t take a moment to say a simple “thanks” to the person that’s just spent hours fixing their car, or the last twenty minutes trying to explain how to fix that problem on your computer. A little more “thanks” could go a long way and you might not realize how people truly appreciate your appreciation. We all like someone noticing that we’ve taken time to make someone else’s day better. Wouldn’t you?

No. 3 – Bad whistlers

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Okay, I’ll admit this one is kind of silly and isn’t even one of my biggest pet peeves (but I’m on a time crunch and it was the last one I could come up with under pressure). The problem with most bad whistlers is that they don’t know their off key. And so they continue to whistle as loud as they can for as long as they can (sometimes as close as they can). It’s the same for people who sing badly. Now… I have no problem with people being happy enough to whistle and sing in public. That’s great. I love that. It annoys me when it’s not the most harmonious and if you’re trapped somewhere where you can’t escape it. Like the waiting room in a doctor’s office, or waiting in line at check out. I know: it’s silly. But there you have it.

Stay tuned for a few more days to be posted relatively soon. I need to catch up!




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