30 Day Challenge: Day 5 – Travels!

Today’s blog (which should have been yesterday’s blog) is a fun one! It’s all about the five places I’d like to travel most. Travel is something that I’ve never quite had the money or time for but would love to carve out of my busy schedule to make happen. There is still a lot of the United States that I haven’t seen that I’d love to as well as a couple of countries that I’ve been itching to visit for a long while.

Here they are.

1.) Zion National Park

Zion is one of those places that I’ve dreamed about for the longest time. The canyons are some of the most beautiful and alien places I’ve seen photos of and I’ve dreamed of putting on my hiking boots to wander about them. Not to mention the fact that there are gorgeous views of monoliths, forests, and arches to be had, too.

2.) Venice, Italy

Image result for venice

Really, I should just say all of Italy and be done with it. But Venice is a place I’ve had on my travel list for the longest time. Something about the sunken architecture, the majesty of Saint Peter’s Basilica, and the culture have driven me to want to experience this one of a kind place for myself. I’d love to explore some of it’s lesser known, local favorite stores and coffee shops, spent hours looking through museums and meander lazily through the city’s many waterways.

3.) The Azores

Image result for the azores

This one holds special value for me as I’d love to visit these islands with my family, particularly my dad. My dad’s side of the family are Portuguese and this is where they emigrated from. It’s an archipelago of nine volcanic islands with lush green terrain to hike, bike, and ultimately, get lost in. There is a very quaint simple beauty to the place that feels a little more quiet and homey. It would definitely entail a bit of historical exploration as well. It would also be pretty cool to stand in the places that my ancestors stood in.

4.) Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Image result for banff

Seriously. Walking down the center of town and seeing THAT as your horizon? How f-ing amazing would that be? As part of the amazing place that I work at, we host the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour every year. The films are all about inspiring creativity through mountain culture. Every year in Banff, they hold a film and book festival where hundreds upon hundreds of entries are judged and much fun is had by all. I would absolutely love to go to this (which is in the summer…I think) but I also would loooove to visit Banff in the winter, too. Until I can make this dream a reality, I’ll continue to enjoy helping out at our local world tour location (which is actually happening tonight and tomorrow night!).

5.) Barcelona, Spain

Morning Light, Barcelona, Spain  photo via connie

This is actually a trick one. I’ve been to Barcelona before. I went with my French class in my senior year of high school. I know, I said French class. It was a joint trip with our Spanish class where we started in France and drove into Spain through the Pyrenees. As crazy as it is, the Barcelona portion of our trip was the one that I felt the most connection with. I absolutely loved the city and would have loved to navigate it’s alleyways a little more on my own time. We were on a pretty tight schedule with lots of restrictions about how far we could travel and explore. I’d like to come back here and really dig in to the place, take more time to stand in awe at the Sagrada Familia, lay on the beach and watch the sun set, and all that mushy wonderful vacation stuff that regular people do.

It might be a couple of days before I have another blog post up (unless I miraculously get one up tonight). I’m pulling some extra shifts helping out at this film festival, and also volunteering to assist our store for the National Toboggan Championships this weekend. That being said, I might not have much time to access a computer in the next few days! But I’ll be back! Don’t you worry!


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