30 Day Challenge: Day 7 – Hearts

Day 7: 5 Ways To Win My Heart

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 I really, really wanted to have this post up for Valentine’s Day… And I am over a week late in getting it up. It turns out that trying to bake and make a three tier German chocolate cake is more difficult than I had planned. I didn’t finish assembling it until the morning of Valentine’s Day, then had to work, and spent the evening having dinner and a movie with my valentine. And unfortunately…didn’t get any blogs written in a week’s time.

Turns out this 30 Day blog challenge is more challenging than predicted, too. But no matter. I’m going to try my damndest to catch up…even while coming down with a gnarly cold. Ehhh…

This blog is all about the five things that it takes to win my heart. It’s a bit fun, a bit foolish, and a bit serious, too. Having spent a long time alone, I got to know myself better and to recognize the things that really made me happy. They aren’t complicated; they’re pretty straightforward to me.

1.) We Can Laugh Together

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Over little things. Over silly things. Over big and sometimes serious things. Having someone who can laugh and not take everything so seriously is so refreshing. Especially someone who I can laugh with a little bit every chance I get to see them and spend time with them. It’s such a wonderful thing, sharing that joy with another person.

2.) Honesty and Communication

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I appreciate someone who is able to lay their cards on the table and say exactly what they’re thinking. Someone who doesn’t tell me something because they don’t want to hurt me might have their heart in the right place but in the end, it hurts more knowing that I wasn’t being told the truth. Even something as trivial as “I didn’t plan anything for dinner tonight” or “I forgot to do the taxes”. We are all human. We all make errors. Owning up to them and saying what you mean, what you feel… It’s something I particularly find important and sexy about someone.

3.) Music-Lover

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That person that sends me links to music videos in the middle of the day, the person that is so excited to introduce me to a new band or a new song that they just can’t wait. Music is something that I can bond with someone over because it’s a language that makes you feel good. Everyone has a genre or two or twelve that they love and are excited about. Sharing that excitement with someone you care about is wonderful and shows you a side of them that few may get to see.

4.) Kitchen Warrior

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I don’t use the term “warrior” lightly. Someone who adores spending time in the kitchen, who is happy to make something up off the cuff, experiment with ingredients, and see what happens. I’m a bit of the opposite when it comes to being in the kitchen; I like a recipe to go by and the structure of it makes me feel comfortable. I admire when someone has total confidence in splashing a few things together to come up with something unique and tasty. They are willing to arm themselves with all kinds of different ingredients and kitchen tools to get the job done and have fun doing it in the process. Damn sexy for sure.

5.) Adventurous

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I do enjoy going on spur of the moment car rides. There are days where I don’t want to be in the house and I’ll want to go out and explore. Whether that means going for a hike, poking through a dark dusty antique store, or taking photos in graveyards, I like someone who is totally down with the spontaneity of it all. Don’t get me wrong; I love the days where we can stay inside and drink tea and play video games. Those are great days too. But I especially love having someone by my side in case the adventure turns into something truly memorable. I like sharing those memories with someone versus having them all to myself. And it’s especially great if that other someone comes up with some fun and funky ideas for an adventure. I’m happy to dive in!

Stay tuned for more posts! I’d like to get another out tonight but…I’m going to a delightful wine-tasting party and might just be off to bed instead!


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