The Fifth Season: A Short, Sweet Review

This beast of a book took me some time to get through. That being said, the entire time was lovely. There’s a reason this book is on so many must-read lists, won the Hugo Award, and has a ton of five star reviews. It’s unapologetic in its presentation of the world and the characters, doesn’t waste time trying to explain away everything that happens, but justifiably treats its characters as though they are real, living, breathing people. I haven’t read much in the way of fantasy, but I’m 100% hooked and can’t wait to read The Oblivion Gate. You feel for Damaya, Syneite, and Essun collectively through her years of trials and tribulations and wonder and heartbreak and short-lived harmony.

Just to give you a taste, there’s magic (called orogeny), giant obelisks floating in the sky, stone eaters, pirates, a dying earth, vengeance, and so much more. Fall into Jemisin’s world of The Broken Earth trilogy and don’t look back. You’ll love it.

I’ll be picking up book 2, The Oblivion Gate, in the coming months. Until then, I’ve just started David Wellington’s vampire novel, Thirteen Bullets. I’ll be hoping to pull up a review on it this week.

Until next time,



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