Holiday Updates and A Look at 2022!

Happy Holidays, my wonderful subscribers! I wanted to pop in and just say a quick thank you to everyone who has supported me on my journey to publish THE WILD DARK this year and get the book out into the world. If you purchased a copy of the book, shared a post, or told a friend about the book, you are a rock star in my mind!

This is my end of the year email, where I’ll go over a few of my favorite things from 2021 and what to look forward to in 2022!

This year, I released my sixth book, THE WILD DARK. So far, this book has been my most successful release and is continuing to get more attention day by day. This book was eight years in the making, a project that I’ve long been passionate about and adore knowing that it has touched people in so many ways. I appreciate all the reviews that have come in and the enthusiasm of those who have gone out of their way to make sure that others know how much they enjoyed it. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.

Two of my short stories were accepted for publication in anthologies this year. Chlorophobia: an anthology of eco-horror was published by Ghost Orchid Press and contains my story, “Glasswork Tornado”. The New England Horror Writers put out an anthology this year as well, called Wicked Creatures, where you can find my story “This Night Has A Chill”.

I had a lovely conversation with Steve Talks Books & Stuff a few weeks ago. We talked about everything from self-publishing, to Return to Oz, to Skyrim, to potential zombie apocalypse weapons. You can find the conversation here.

On December 29th, we’ll be having a follow-up discussion after he’s read THE WILD DARK. Looking forward to that!

I only read 15 books this year but I will definitely say that I ended up with quality over quantity within this number. My favorites that I read this year are:

  • Come With Me by Ronald Malfi
  • Immortelle by Catherine McCarthy
  • The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin
  • The Night Will Find Us by Matthew Lyons
  • Wilder Girls by Rory Power

I bought probably too many books this year (is that even a thing?), and have an amazing TBR list for the upcoming 2022 winter. Here are a few of my choices to read through the next few months:

  • The Deer Kings by Wendy N. Wagner
  • What the Hell Did I Just Read by David Wong
  • Cackle by Rachel Harrison
  • My Heart is a Chainsaw by Stephen Graham Jones
  • The Final Girls Support Group by Grady Hendrix


I have a few different WIP’s to finish up in 2022. While this upcoming year won’t be a huge publication year for me, I will continue to promote THE WILD DARK and get several books ready for publication in 2023. The first of these is This House Will Kill Again, my Downton Abbey meets The House of Leaves horror.

I’m also looking to finish up book 2 of The Wild Oblivion series and my short fiction series “American Undead”. I’m hoping to get everything written, edited, and sent out to blurbers ahead of publication in 2023…assuming I stay on track.

There’s another pretty major project though that is going to be at the head of my to-do list…

I’ll be revamping (hehe) my first three books of The Monstrum Chronicles series in 2022, with new covers, new layout, and bonus content.

The Monstrum Chronicles is an urban fantasy series following Torrent, a lilitu (vampire) elder and successful monster hunter as he tries to solve mysteries involving a secret society desperate to revive the oldest and original vampire for unknown reasons.

Vampires continue to be one of my favorite monsters. I had forgotten how much I loved writing this series and would love for new audiences to discover and enjoy it as well. The Monstrum Chronicles will be rereleased under Strange Wilds Press, my new imprint.

TMC is inspired by Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles, Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon thrillers, White Wolf’s Vampire the Masquerade, and Crystal Dynamics’ Legacy of Kain series.

More details will be available in 2022. Thanks ( and don’t forget to tell your friends)!

The W-Interview Series will be a conversation series with New England horror authors surrounding various topics such as apocalyptic fiction, forest horror, coming-of-age horror, ghosts, and more! I’m very excited to learn more about these individuals and share their stories with you. A full schedule with dates will be available on the website in another week. Keep an eye out for that!

That’s 2021 in a nutshell!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Krampus Day, and all the other seasonally appropriate holidays that I’m missing! I won’t be sending out another newsletter until mid-January, so make sure that you are following me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (or all three!) to get your day-to-day updates!

As always, thank you all for being so supportive and awesome!



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