My name is Katherine Silva. I am an author from Maine with five books under my belt. I prefer to categorize my writing as dark fiction with diversions into various genres including comedy, thriller, and adventure. Writing is my life and I’d have it no other way. On the odd occasion that I have writer’s block, I love to read, listen to creepy ambient music, research interesting locations, avoid assassination attempts from my cat, Lemon Jelly, and attempt to cook without blowing up my kitchen.

Over the years, I cultivated a blog formerly known as The Monstrum Chronicles blog where I shared some of my many cooking disasters, inspiration through music, and more. This year, we’re rebranding as The Kat at Night, a blog discussing dark fiction. It’s my hope to eventually start a bi-weekly/monthly podcast as well.

The Kat at Night is here to update information on my latest works, to catalog my love and respect for any dark fiction that is well-crafted, to provide little bits of wisdom and experiences that I have as I continue my writing career, and to entertain, of course.

Stay tuned for more information on some of the new things you’ll be able to find here in the coming months.

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