Have A Little Bread Pudding With Your Kahlua?

COOKING ADVENTURE #24: Bread Pudding with Kahlua Sauce

And there we have it folks. I’ve managed to do a Cooking Adventure where I didn’t mess up at all! Surely, you’re holding your head in your hands saying, “Quoi? No mistakes! How is it possible?!” Believe me, folks, having never made bread pudding in my entire life, I was assured that I’d either cut off a finger or use the wrong measurement or the wrong ingredient somewhere along the way. No. I did it all according to the directions and got a pretty magnificent response from it as well when I shared this delectable dessert with my co-workers. Some said it was, and I quote, “the best bread pudding [they’ve] ever had.” And you’re really going to love this: I baked it before going to work… in roughly an hours time. Boom.

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