The Cauliflower of Cthulhu: Literary Cooking Adventure

After an arduous journey across treacherous terrain, I found myself at my destination: the mountains of madness…and cauliflower.

This week on Literary Cooking Adventures, we’re celebrating H.P. Lovecraft. Watch as I take on what should have been a simple recipe for a cauliflower casserole, negotiating challenging obstacles and insanity in the forms of unbreakable plastic wrap, never-ending water drainage, and the most dangerous of all: the monstrous kitty Cthulhu!

I snagged the original recipe from the Food Network website. Although mine looked nothing like the photo they put up, it still tasted great and I’d definitely make it again.

Want to make this delicious recipe for yourself? Check out the ingredients and directions below!

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The Evil Cthulhu Cookie

COOKING ADVENTURE # 19: Sea-Creature Sugar Cookies


Sometimes, it’s not just about the actual cooking in one of these adventures. In rare circumstances with me, that part goes absolutely fine, albiet with a couple mishaps here and there. But with this special Cooking Adventure, not only was it about baking, it was also about decorating and transporting these delectable cookies to another location. And in the process of transporting them, I came across so many different obstacles. I’m not kidding. It almost sounds too ridiculous to be true. But alas, it happened. Perhaps if my cooking co-op partner and I hadn’t created one of the cookies in the likeness of H.P. Lovecraft’s Elder God, Cthulhu, we’d have been better off.

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