Deviled-Eggs in the White City


Yes. It’s that time of year again. Easter is the quintessential time of year to make the well-known “deviled eggs” dish. For years, I’ve enjoyed my mom’s, my grandmother’s, and my brother’s deviled eggs, never imagining the complexities of slicing an egg in half, mashing its yolk to death with a variety of spices and mayo, and then redepositing said yellow mashings back in the cavity… In fact, that doesn’t sound very tasty at all. But when it came time for me to attempt this disconcerting dish for Easter, I mumbled a quick “psht” and went to work. ‘Easy,’ I thought. ‘It’ll only take five minutes.’ That…was a stupid thought.

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Flying Over the Cuckoo Cake

COOKING ADVENTURE # 65: Easter Nest Cake


You may be shaking your head while looking at the above picture and saying to yourself, “What is that thing?” If you are a supreme chocoholic, you’re probably drooling into your lap saying, “UMMM… Yes, please!” Believe it or not, my reaction is closer to the first one I mentioned. I was tasked with making some kind of a dessert for Easter… which was only a few days after my brother’s birthday. So, bare in mind that we’ve just had a rich Tetris-themed birthday cake not a couple days earlier. And the first thought of what I could come up with for Easter was… “Hmm… Why not cake again!?” …Bad idea, Katherine. Bad idea. I’ll be clear. Nothing was wrong with the cake per say. But when the last one (along with copious amounts of alcohol and coffee has caused your ulcer to be unhappy) the last thing you should do is feed the dragon, so to speak. But I went ahead and did it anyway… just to see if I could. Oh… I definitely could.

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Edible Nintendo

COOKING ADVENTURE # 64: Tetris Birthday Cake

Tetris Cake

Before we even begin on this colorful wacky adventure, we need the proper atmosphere. Kindly click here. Is it playing? Good. Now we can begin. This week was my brother’s birthday. Since both of us grew up in the nineties, we were both nintendo addicts. One of my brother’s favorite games was Tetris, a puzzle video game that is probably one of the most well-known classic video games. While browsing on Pinterest last fall, I came across a cake that someone had done in homage to Tetris and knew that this was what I would have to recreate for my brother. The RaspberriCupcakes website is the origin of this delicious idea. And what a hit it was with my brother and the rest of the family. However, not as easy a task as it might seem. I had to get my hands frosted for this one, dyed all the colors of the rainbow, and then as is usual with most cooking adventures, injured myself just when I thought I was in the clear. Good thing it tasted good so that it was all worth it!

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