The (Not So) Great Pumpkin Cake

COOKING ADVENTURE #41- CO-OP #3: Pumpkin-Shaped Spice Cake

Now, before we begin, there is something you need to know. At the conclusion of this adventure, my friend, Celena, and I have decided that whoever made the original cake, the one that’s perfect with absolutely no frosting errors, must have cheated somehow. They had to have been a professional cake baker. Because the directions for making this thing are beyond easy… for the most part. But seeing just the four pictures and having no directions to go on is a little iffy, too. And that’s what we were working with. The tale that follows is a real account of the frightening and haunting experiences that happened to Celena and I on that fateful night of the Great Pumpkin Cake. Don’t get scared now.

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Hoarding Apples


In autumn, most baking/cooking adventures invariably are drawn toward two distinct fruits: pumpkin and apple. Both are in season and both taste amazing with a little cinnamon and some brown sugar tossed into the mix to create something special. It just so happens that last week, I went apple-picking and scored a bag of about 15 or so Macoun apples. I was still being a bit cautious with raw fruit at this time because of the ulcer but I was happy to discover that after eating one right off the tree, no painful side-effects occurred. Bringing these red beauties home, I recognized that I was going to have to put them to good use. I mean, sure I can eat them but… that’s a LOT of apples just to eat. My friend who visited last week, Sean, made an apple pie with a few of the apples which was delicious. I wanted to be able to make something to without taking the same route. After the Lobster adventure, I decided to go a simple traditional route, toward a dish that is universally loved by all. I also expected that it would turn out all right because it’s a practically idiot proof recipe. However, the recipe let me down a little. This, my friends, is the story of my apple freakin’ crisp.

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Forget Me (Chicken) Not Pie

COOKING ADVENTURE #35: Chicken Pot Pie

I’ll be frank, readers. There have been very few times that a cooking adventure has actually gone the way it was supposed to with no problems. In fact, I can count these times on one hand. However, we can now add this cooking adventure to that list. Not in my wildest dreams did I expect this recipe to turn out so well. And even better, it is something I can eat! It also happens to be one of my favorite comfort foods. While I have been trying to branch out on the things I eat (I ate most of a hamburger this past weekend!), I’m still playing the eating game cautiously. All it takes is one wrong food to send me into a painful ulcer fit. Now that I know how to make this hot comforting dish, I plan on doing it often. It’s not complicated by any means, uses very few ingredients, and there’s almost no way I can botch it up… unless I forget certain ingredients, which… I won’t lie to you… I did once during this adventure. Doesn’t matter. The pie turned out perfect without it and it tasted like something… that someone else besides me made.

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