Fruit Archeology

COOKING ADVENTURE #72: Peach Crunch Cake


Admit it: at some point in your life, you have forgotten about a piece of fruit. Whether it be in your car, your backpack, fridge, or that little bowl on the kitchen counter-top, you happen to one day excavate and find a wrinkled-up, dried husk of an apple or lemon, or that soft black banana somewhere. Heck, I found a clementine in my bag a month ago that I’d forgotten about completely. No mess like you’d expect… just this hard and crumpled orange orb that looked like it wouldn’t break open even if slammed down on asphalt. Why am I making it a point to tell you this? Well, since I had to just perform an archaeological dig on my peach crunch cake in order to find the peaches, I was reminded of that little clementine from last month. I decided to just make this a fruit archaeology themed Cooking Adventure seeing as how I have such a difficult time keeping track of my fruit. Probably the first and last time a sentence like that will be said. You heard it here first, folks.

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