Homemade Pizza: One Victory for January


Good evening, readers!

I’m sitting here in my computer chair with a full stomach and a slight case of indigestion. It’s been over an hour since I finished eating my homemade pizza… and I’ve got to say that I am extremely pleased with the way this cooking adventure turned out. This marks one victory for the month of January after three disastrous creations. However, if this heartburn continues, I may have to amend that statement…

I chose to make an Italian sausage and green pepper pizza for this week’s adventure. I will first note that it has been over ten years since I’ve made a homemade pizza. And I wouldn’t even count the one I made then as “homemade” necessarily. It was in a Home Economics class in middle school and I was partnered with three other people. I’m pretty sure I didn’t do much other than wash the dishes and put the thing in the oven. So, in spirit, this is really my first time making a pizza.

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Cheesecake… Next time, It’s Coming From a Box!

Food Adventures #2: Cheesecake

Dear God. I’ve just spent the last four hours in the kitchen trying to cook not only my very first cheesecake but also my dinner. As you can probably guess, I had some trouble… again.

Allot of this I’m blaming on the fact that its Friday the 13th. That and I was cooking with a headache. But really now, let’s go back to the beginning, shall we?

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How NOT to Cook Pastitsio…



Good Morning, readers.

So last night while attempting to make the Greek dish, Pastitsio, for the first time, I learned a few things:

1.) There are directions for a reason.

2.) Print out the directions so that you can keep them with you in the kitchen.

3.) Preparing ahead of time is a good thing.

4.) When you do read the directions, read them carefully.

5.) If you are an hour into the project and getting tired, don’t make the rest of it up as you go.


And that was how I failed to make Pastitsio correctly last night.


[WARNING: This is absolutely terrible. I don’t cook like this all the time… I swear!]

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