Inspiration Through Music: Abzu Soundtrack

ABZÛ cover art

At least once in your lifetime, you’ve put on the radio in your car or on the internet or your digital music player and went about your daily activities. Somewhere within the mix of songs you listened to, there came that one song, the one that made you stop and listen in awe to it, one that made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. It impressed you, thrilled you, made you want to listen to it over and over again. Years ago, I found that feeling with Austin Wintory’s soundtrack to the game “Journey”. It was plaintive, arresting, and called to a deeper part of me. Now, I’ve found a similar impression again with Wintory’s soundtrack to the game “Abzu”.

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Inspiration Through Music: Top 10 Beautiful Game Soundtracks

Cat Piano

Today isn’t necessarily an exercise in seeing scenes while listening to music as much as it is appreciating said music. There are times when I get stuck while writing; happens to the best of us. Often we get up, we go for a walk, we fold laundry, wash dishes, watch a movie…anything to get our minds off of it so that, hopefully, an answer will come to us through something else. I often will listen to some music…and usually, it’s from a selection of video game soundtracks that I hold in high regard.  Video game soundtracks can and often are a form of art. Growing up with Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Playstation… I’ve been introduced to several gorgeous compositions that have fully immersed me in the world of the game and often inspired me in my writing. If we’re being honest here…there are dozens upon dozens of game soundtracks that I own and adore. But, today, I’m going to share with you my top ten along with why I enjoy them. So…here we go!

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Inspiration Through Music: Feist

All characters are on some kind of journey when you write about them. They’re not just on a physical journey but an emotional and mental one also. Each character has dreams, hopes, and disappointments. Life always throws curve balls. It rarely gives you what you expect, want, or sometimes even need. Everything happens for a reason. What will some of these characters do when they need to make a change? What happens when they need to start over? What are they running from? What are they running to? To answer these questions, I’ve found that Feist’s music is one of the most inspirational. It allows me to climb into the character’s head, particularly if it is a female character, and see what it is that’s pushing them toward starting over in life.

Leslie Feist (otherwise known as Feist) is a Canadian singer-songwriter who sings mostly indie hits. Her deep lyrics are accompanied by her harmonious voice, each song a tale waiting to be explored further. I was introduced to Feist’s music several years ago but rediscovered her a few months back with her album, “Metals”. The first song on the album, The Bad In Each Other, inspired scenes for my apocalyptic novel that I’ve been working on and from that point on, I was hooked. Today, I’ll be sharing five songs with you and the things I see when I listen to them.

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