Cooking Adventures: Preheating The Oven Like A Boss


Hello! Remember back in January when I said I was hoping to write all kinds of new Cooking Adventures this year? Well, that hasn’t exactly happened. It doesn’t mean that I haven’t been cooking new and exciting things in my kitchen, it just means that not all of them have been worthy tales to tell on the blog. And I’ve been busy; super busy. But I’m not going to get into all that business now. Instead, I’ll tell you the horrifying tale of trying to make this blasted grapefruit pound cake.

Now, the first thing to keep in mind is that this pound cake is delicious and was well worth all the effort it took to put it together. I’d found the recipe on Pinterest not too long ago and was interested in the idea of making some kind of dessert/breakfast crossover that didn’t have any chocolate. My hope was to give my parents some of it and neither of them eat chocolate.

The original recipe comes from FakeGinger. Thank you to Amanda for sharing the recipe with everyone.

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Funky Grapes and Missing Ingredients

COOKING ADVENTURE #45: Epic Chicken Salad

I was excited about making this. Want to know why? Because I’ve made it before and it was phenomenal. However, some things don’t really go according to plan. Here’s the deal: I live in Maine. It’s November, which means the temperatures are dropping here and snow is imminent. In fact, we’ve already had our first snow. Because this recipe is kind of crazy in its ingredient list, I discovered that some of the things needed weren’t in season. And that proved catastrophic for this week’s cooking adventure. What I ended up making, and what you see in the photo above… don’t make it. Trust me. It pales in comparison to what I was supposed to have made. I can tell you with certainty that this salad was supposed to have more colors in it than just green…

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