Cooking Adventure: Banff Edition


So, we still have about two weeks until the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour comes to the wonderful little town of Camden, Maine. Every year, the Banff Centre in Canada holds a film festival where hundreds of athletes professional and amateur, budding and professional film makers all compete for the chance to be shown in the World Tour. This year, like last year, I was eager to do a Cooking Adventure that was, in a sense, “adventure” themed.

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Orange You Glad Matilda’s Back?

COOKING ADVENTURE #57: Orange Pecan French Toast Casserole

Orange Pecan French Toast Casserole

Nothing irritates me more than using a lame orange joke to open up a Cooking Adventure. But honestly, this is one of those few miracle times where nothing terrible happened during the adventure. It was a rare moment of complete euphoria, the delightful mixing and pouring, slicing, and baking that makes up this gorgeous French Toast recipe. Even when Matilda stepped up to bat to take on grating an orange, there was not one speck of treachery nestled behind her beady black eyes. I’m pleasantly surprised. And since this recipe made so much, it would be a fabulous gift to a loved one on Valentine’s Day! Mmm, yummy orange-flavored love. You know you’re excited.

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The Hunger Games Cooking Adventure: The Odds Were Never in my Favor

Good evening, readers!

This special cooking adventure can be found on the webpage of my fellow author and friend, Jen Blood. She is the author of the newly-released novel, All The Blue-Eyed Angels, and has been participating in a month-long tribute to The Hunger Games. Currently, she’s involved in a community read project with the local highschool which meets every Monday night to discuss the book. Brilliant, and funny, she also offers several different tips for budding writers! Be sure to check out her website. It’s a wealth of information!

You can find my guest post on her blog here.

Next week’s Cooking Adventure will be Raspberry Almond Coffee Cake with Cafe Caribe. Stay tuned!