Inspiration Through Music: Beyond – Two Souls


This year has been a year of ah-freaking-mazing video games. As far as plot, characterization, atmosphere, and music goes, in my book, it’s been one of the best. Citing games such as The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite, The Cat Lady, and The Wolf Among Us as examples, I was convinced that I was going to keep being introduced to some new and awesome soundtrack music when I heard that the creators of Heavy Rain (Quantic Dream) were developing a new game. My favorite youtube let’s player, HarshlyCritical, began playing the game a few days ago. Folks, I’m beyond floored.

Not only is the game beautiful, the music has me wrapped in a state of awe. Could this be because of the genius composing from not only Assassin’s Creed composer, Lorne Balfe, but also the incredible Hans Zimmer, responsible for some of my favorite soundtracks (Angels and Demons, The Thin Red Line, and Pirates of the Caribbean)? Let’s also throw in there that this was the last project of Normand Corbeil, who composed the soundtrack of Quantic Dream’s earlier game, Heavy Rain. Corbeil, unfortunately, died earlier this year, so he wasn’t able to complete his work on Beyond. Thankfully, two talented and wonderful composers stepped up to do so and produced a score that is emotive, edgy, and brilliant in all senses of the word. Today, I’m going to share a handful of songs with you from the soundtrack and paint you a picture of what I see when I listen to them.

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