What’s up, June?

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Due to an issue with my previous theme on the blog, I’ve had to revamp everything about it, including the name. We are now The Kat at Night Blog, where we’ll be discussing dark fiction and, really, lots of dark things. I’m hoping to begin book reviews on dark fiction very soon. I’ve been ordering books up the wazoo to fill time during COVID-19 and I have a TON to read! It’s been a while since I’ve been so excited about reading.

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A New Undertaking…

Hello. Yes, I have been woefully absent on the blog yet again due to being crazy busy with work and life and the usual. Unfortunately, I haven’t been working on any new Cooking Adventures, nor any new Inspiration Through Music blogs. I have, however, developed a new idea for a bi-weekly/monthly blog that I think could be quite interesting.

Not too long ago, Amazon released a list of “A 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime”. In that list are several classics such as Orwell’s 1984, Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, and Ellison’s The Invisible Man along with newer classics like Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, and Zusak’s The Book Thief. 

Out of the 100 books on this list, I’ve read 13, and started but didn’t finish 2 others. Several of these are classic novels that are usually required reading in school. I’ve decided to work my way down the list and read the books I haven’t read, including the ones I started to read but didn’t finish. My goal is to finish them, however, if I find that I’m dragging through them, I will probably set them aside and move onto the next book.

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Updates (And a Headache)

I always have a headache

So…if you hadn’t already guessed, the lack of posts has been because I’ve been battling a pretty major headache the last few days. I thought the photo above was fitting because the new Avengers movie comes out at the end of the week! AHH! So exciting!

I should have a new Inspiration Through Music up for you next Monday, a new Horror-FAIL Friday up on Friday, and a surprise Cooking Adventure up for you all on Thursday to make up for this. Since this is practically the first time today that I haven’t been asleep or away from the computer, I thought I’d take a moment to update you on some new things happening around here.

My current WIP has been a dark quasi-apocalyptic literary fantasy thing for the last several months. I’ve actually been working on it for almost two years, taking significant breaks here and there to pursue other projects. After doing a recent poll on my facebook page, I decided to give it a new title, as it had been untitled for some time. It is now called “The Wild Dark” and I’ll be continuing work on it over the next several months.

The paperback version of “Memento Mori” has been delayed yet another month. My apologies to those who have been patiently waiting. It’s been a very busy last few months and I have been chipping away at getting it done. I’m looking at a late May release for that at the moment. What you might find exciting is that I will be having a book release/reading/signing for it at the Vose Library in Union on June 18th. More details will follow about this and I’ll be updating the website soon.

What else? I’m afraid that’s actually all for now. I’m sure I’ll remember something important after I’ve posted this. The pounding in my head is making it difficult for me to concentrate though. Rest assured if I have forgotten anything, I’ll update the post and put it in the spot hereafter.


Exciting Updates!

Good morning, all!

‘Tis officially October, the pic crafty month. That means fun and exciting things happening here at The Monstrum Chronicles. All month long, we’ll be celebrating the new release of “Aequitas: Book 2 of The Monstrum Chronicles” and of course, Halloween! That entails special things!

Inspiration Through Music blogs will be focused on music that will inspire those writing horror, paranormal, thriller, or mystery stories. We’ve already kicked off the month with a post about Petri Alanko’s music from Alan Wake and next week, we’ll be listening to VAST. Expect some more spooky original score music coming up this month as well as one more band that conjures unexpected spooky images. I’ll prove to you that just about any type of music can work while writing a horror story.

All month long on Cooking Adventures, we’ll be having delectable Halloweeny/Fall treats starting tonight with Apple Crisp. Next week, on Cooking Adventure Co-0p number 3, I’ll be tackling some special cupcakes inspired by ideas found on Pinterest. Want to know more? Tune in tonight for the next Cooking Adventure and find out!

In addition to both of these, each week, I’ll be doing a special Monstrum Craft project from now until the end of the year. Expect to see some fun autumn crafts as soon as next week!

And let’s not forget that my second book also debuts on Kindle this Sunday, the 7th! Fans of the first book, Vox, won’t want to miss this special promotion, as both Vox and Acquolina, the short story to accompany Aequitas, will be free for download on Kindle as well! Pre-orders for paperbacks will also be available at the discounted price of $15.00! Please email me at info@voxthebook.com to get in on this special deal! The paperback will be released October 28th!

Oh, and just because October can’t be crazy enough, I’ve also got two, count ’em TWO readings coming up on the 23rd and 25th with fellow writers Jen Blood, Peter Dudar, Kate Cone, and EJ Fechenda at both the Camden Public and Rockland Public Libraries. This month is going to be ca-razy! But, I like it like that. 🙂

Stay tuned this weekend for more information about the release of Aequitas, and don’t forget to catch Cooking Adventures tonight!


Weekly Update…N’Stuff

Good morning, readers!

It’s been a while since I’ve given you all an update so I figured it was about time!

First off, the July photo cover contest for Book 3 ends in less than a week! If you are harboring a photo of a rowboat, please send it in! There are some pretty fun prizes and your photo will be used on the cover of Memento Mori: Book 3 of The Monstrum Chronicles! Details are in the link here: http://voxthebook.com/Photo_Contest.html

Next: I’ve finished writing Acquolina, which is my first short story in the promotion of Aequitas: Book 2 of The Monstrum Chronicles. I’ll be releasing two short stories that pertain to the events of the novel ahead of time so that readers can have some fun background information of certain characters! Acquolina tells the story of a naive young lilitu (vampire) being torn in two different avenues of freedom from her oppressive future, neither one better than the other, but the lure of both too intoxicating to resist. I’ll be editing this during the next few weeks and hopefully will have it up for August 14th!

The second short story, Tulip, will be released in September, although I’m not sure if I’ll make the September 10th release date that I’d set on that.

In addition to all of this fun craziness, I’m still editing and doing lay-out for Aequitas. I just recently got a new laptop and my, oh, my… I love this thing. I’ve been using Microsoft Word 7 for the last five years and have just updated to 10. This is the best word processing program I’ve ever used!!! (And yes, it is deserving of three exclamation points.) I’ve been able to do the lay-out for this so much easier than I would have with my old program. I’m hoping to have all of the editing done in the next couple weeks, finish up the lay-out in mid-August, and get the back cover, synopsis, and other kagatha done in September in time for the October 4th release date!

I’ve also may have a potential book signing with the Rockport Public Library, whom I’ve talked with briefly about it.

And speaking of libraries, I’m also hard at work on organizing a Halloween Reading event with both Camden Public and Rockland Public Libraries for late October. I’ve already contacted both representatives and have locked in the dates. I have about 4 people each night, so I’m pretty satisfied. This is my first time organizing an event so I’m hoping I don’t stumble over myself trying to get everything prepared.

Hmmm… what else? I’ve been working on a couple of other projects here and there (the thromance novel, Night Time, Dotted LineMemento Mori…etc.) and I’ve got a brand spanking new idea for an apocalyptic novel from watching Jumanji. (Go figure.)

In real life? Well, I’m working a lot. A LOT. I’ve been having some car issues with poor Izze (my red Kia) and have also been dealing with neck and shoulder issues. Crazy stuff. But then again, it’s been kind of a crazy summer. I actually can’t wait until fall when things calm down a bit work wise and things will start getting busier with my writing. Plus, I love the season!

Well, I’d best start getting ready for work. Stay tuned for my Cooking Adventures blog tomorrow where I’ll be sharing with you my weird attempt at Karvara.


Vox Reading Excerpt

I never realized how ridiculously difficult it could be to do a voice-over for a video without the proper equipment. I’ve been at this project for most of the day, but I finally have an end result. For those of you whom haven’t read my first novel, Vox, please check out this excerpt from chapter 7 that I’ve posted. It’s best viewed at night without the lights on. Oh, and tell me what you thought. It’s my first time doing something like this so… I’d like some feedback! 

I’m in the process of doing my cooking adventure. I’ll have that up for you guys later tonight! Thanks again!



Inspiration Through Music: The Glitch Mob

Good morning, readers!

*Apologies again that I was not able to complete this posting last night.* I was on a writing binge last night. I wrote six new pages on my third book in the Monstrum Chronicles series as well as finished up a section I was adding to Aequitas. I really needed to do that, so thank you for your patience.

I have a vast catalog of action music. A lot of it is techno and orchestral. My list includes some of the greats; The Crystal Method, BT, Moby, Fluke, and of course, the Glitch Mob. I discovered The Glitch Mob while watching America’s Got Talent of all things. There was a group of kids who performed some pretty amazing glow-in-the-dark stunts which made them appear weightless, all the while as The Glitch Mob played in the background. The name of their act was Fighting Gravity. Here is a video to their first performance.

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Crazy Week of Events!

Good morning, readers!

Just a quick announcement of some events happening this week!

First, Saturday night March 3rd, I’ll be returning to the wonderful Slainte Wine Bar and Lounge in Portland. I’ll be reading a selection from my upcoming book, Aequitas as well as a selection from one of my other works (I haven’t decided which yet.) I’ll also have the pleasure of reading with some fantastic emerging writers. E.J. Fechenda and Kate Cone, who I did the first reading with, will be there, as well as Nicole Johnson and Marie Coyle. It should be a fun evening for all and I’m glad to be involved once more. Here is the Facebook event if any of you would like to come! https://www.facebook.com/events/119882378138763/


Second, the following Tuesday evening, March 6th, I will be at Vose Library in Union, ME, to discuss my work, read from Vox and Aequitas, and have a grand ole book-signing for Vox. I’ll be talking about how I got started on the Monstrum Chronicles, future projects, and will answer any questions that anyone may have about them. This starts at 7 and goes until 8:30. There will be refreshments available (tea and cookies!). Here is the facebook event for that: https://www.facebook.com/events/390678894276766/


In other updates: I am 75 pages away from finishing the edits on Aequitas! Very very excited. I’ve worked on it almost everyday for the past week and it’s felt amazing to just have the time to do it again. I miss being able to write uninterrupted!

I finished reading Catching Fire on Saturday night and am now reading the last book of The Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay. This series has me hooked! When I’ve finished reading the third book, I’ll post a mega review for all of them. I, however, will not be writing one for Anthony Bourdain’s Medium Raw.

Well, I believe that’s everything! Stay tuned for my Inspiration Through Music post this evening where I’ll be discussing the works of Philip Glass.


Uppity Updates!

Good morning, readers!

I wanted to take a brief moment this morning to update you on a few of my projects!

1st: I am over 1/3 of the way through editing and revising “Aequitas.” There’s allot of rewriting going on but I’m pleased to say it’s shaping itself into the book I want. Give me at least another month with it and we’ll be ready to publish!

2nd: I’ve chosen the official book cover for “Aequitas.” However, I won’t unveil it until just before the book’s release. It needs a bit of tweaking before then.

3rd: I’ve been asked to do another wonderful reading in Portland in March! Details will soon emerge about that event.

4th: I’m making progress on “Night Time, Dotted Line.” For those of you unfamiliar with this work, it is my indie-travel novella that I’ve been working on for nine months. People who went to Slainte Wine Bar and Lounge in November last year got a chance to hear me read a piece of it. I spent a couple days last week writing crazily on it.

And that is all I have for you so far! Stay tuned for more information about my progress on “Aequitas.”

Tomorrow will be my weekly Inspiration Through Music blog post. I’ll be focusing on Javier Navarrette’s score of “Pan’s Labyrinth.”

Until then,


The Dastardly Cold…

I have a cold.

What’s worse is that it is sucking the life out of me one tissue at a time.

In spite of my sluggish beginning this morning, I’ve done some running around: grocery shopping, organizing the disaster under my sink, fixing my outside deck light, and doing some social media stuff. At the moment, I’ve got a squash and spinach soup simmering on the stove, a glass of orange juice, and Florence and the Machine’s ‘Breaking Down’ serenading me in my living room. Outside, the sky is bright blue with puffs of white clouds and the sun is bright. Its radiating straight through my kitchen door and warming the apartment nicely.

It’s also about 50 degrees out there. In January. In Maine. I, for one, am excited about this.

This week, I’ve decided to kick off my “international cooking resolution” with Pastitsio! It’s a noodle casserole-type dish made with something called béchamel sauce. It doesn’t sound too complicated and I’ll have some fun making it. I’ll post pictures (and an update) on Friday!

Also in news today, one of my good friends, Kale Poland, an ultra-marathoner and fellow coffee-fanatic, has posted a link to The Monstrum Chronicles on his website. Once again, thank you a million, Kale. If you’re interested in checking out his website, it can be found here. It probably has one of the coolest intros ever, ha ha.

In additional news, I have a book-signing/discussion/reading coming up in March! It will be March 6th at 7 pm at the Union Town Library, located on the Common Road in Union, Maine! All of the details haven’t quite been worked out yet but I’m very excited about this. It will be a great way to help relaunch Vox as well as introduce Aequitas, which (hopefully) should be published soon thereafter.

If you haven’t had a chance to read the first book of the series, Vox, please hop on over to Amazon here and download a copy for Kindle! Don’t have Kindle? Now there’s an application you can download to your computer so that you can read any e-books for sale through Amazon!

Or, if you prefer the good ole fashioned book with crisp pages and that new book smell and you live in Maine, check out one of these book stores:

The Owl and the Turtle

The Reading Corner

Gulf of Maine Books

Longfellow Books

Sherman’s Bookstore

Tomorrow (I promise), I’ll write an evening post about somethings you can expect to see in “Aequitas”.

Until then, have a fantastic day!