Coconut Milk = Eeehhhhwww…

COOKING ADVENTURE #55: Cuban Chorizo Stew

Cuban Chorizo Stew

Part of the fun in cooking is trying new things, including combinations that you wouldn’t often think would go together. I found this fun recipe for Cuban chorizo stew on Pinterest a few weeks ago and decided that I wanted to give it a try. After all, it uses chorizo, which is just short of being the most delicious thing on the planet. (Bacon gets that number one slot, of course.) I wish that I’d paid a little closer attention to the other ingredients that I would be adding to this though… as well as the quantities. This recipe makes a LOT of stew… too much stew for me alone, I’ve realized. I could have had a party with this stuff and still had some left over. But when it comes right down to it, there will always be those times where you’ve slaved your way through most of the recipe only to have this bubbling cauldron of deliciousness staring up at you, steam practically searing your vision despite how wonderful it looks. Then… you add that last ingredient and sure enough, it ruins everything. Coconut milk. Once added, it spurned on this Ernest P. Worrell reaction, one that I reserve for only a few truly gross culinary combos: Eeehhhhwww.

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Operation: Skinless Chicken

COOKING ADVENTURE #17: Slow-Cooker Chicken Tikka Marsala

And I thought that the Midnight Frittata Train was going to be the nastiest cooking adventure for April… Boy was I wrong! I suppose it really pays to make sure that you write down absolutely every requirement for all of the recipe’s ingredients when you go shopping. For instance, write down 15 oz of crushed tomatoes in a can so that when you get to the canned vegetable aisle and browse the tomatoes, you don’t have a seizure when you see how many freaking kinds there are to pick from. Also, especially with meat people, write down “boneless, skinless chicken thighs” because when you get to the chicken section of the grocery store and you don’t know what to get, you might as well just lay down and give in. They’ve got absolutely every single part of the chicken for sale there with your choice of boneless, skinless, tasteless… Well, it all comes down to this, folks. I wasn’t specific enough in my chicken selection. And it cost me…

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