COOKING ADVENTURES #90: Chicken Parmesan and Apple Coleslaw

Apple Coleslaw

So, when I decided to make coleslaw alone for a Cooking Adventure, I may have been underestimating just how much of a meal it could make by itself. I mean, this coleslaw was BITCHIN’, don’t get me wrong. But once you’ve munched on it for four days straight like some kind of bovine cabbage lover, you really do start to miss eating other food. Yes. The above picture shows the coleslaw paired with a burrito. Don’t try to understand it. Just know that I needed to eat SOMETHING besides coleslaw that night. I decided that in order for this to be a really interesting adventure, I’d pair it up with my very first attempt at making Chicken Parmesan. When I really get down to the details, the coleslaw was really more of a “frolic” than an adventure. I mean, it’s cutting stuff up (unless you’re lazy like me…) and tossing it together with other stuff in a bowl. Not all that difficult. Anything involving chicken, however…instant stories to tell, old friends. Instant stories to tell.

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The Tabouli Predica-Mint

COOKING ADVENTURE #60: Quinoa Tabouli


You know how I made a fuss a couple weeks ago about the herb marinaded steak and how I felt I was eating a garden when I had it? Well, I take it back. Fully. I’m pretty sure I just ate a greenhouse and it didn’t go down well, folks. Maybe this chick isn’t meant to be a vegetarian… or really eat very many green things at all. Though, I have to admit that I was a little sketched out by the idea of so many leafy green herbs tossed in not enough vegetables and practically a handful of quinoa. Problem is now that I also have a giant bowl full of the stuff that I have to eat. Proportions, proportions, proportions… If I’d known that recipe would make THIS much, I would have cut it down dramatically. Unfortunately the website where I found this recipe lists the serving size in about size 2 font in the top corner of the recipe box. Damn it. I’m craving meat now. Any kind. Just something to help digest all of the foliage I just wolfed down, expecting it to taste somehow spectacular. I’m even more sad that I went out of my way on a Grail-like quest to find parsley and mint in the snowy climes of a wintry Midcoast Maine for this and now have a bunch of each left over… with nothing to use them for. Once again, all I can think of to say is damn it.

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Funky Grapes and Missing Ingredients

COOKING ADVENTURE #45: Epic Chicken Salad

I was excited about making this. Want to know why? Because I’ve made it before and it was phenomenal. However, some things don’t really go according to plan. Here’s the deal: I live in Maine. It’s November, which means the temperatures are dropping here and snow is imminent. In fact, we’ve already had our first snow. Because this recipe is kind of crazy in its ingredient list, I discovered that some of the things needed weren’t in season. And that proved catastrophic for this week’s cooking adventure. What I ended up making, and what you see in the photo above… don’t make it. Trust me. It pales in comparison to what I was supposed to have made. I can tell you with certainty that this salad was supposed to have more colors in it than just green…

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