Celestial Triple Sec Tiramisu

COOKING ADVENTURE #61: Raspberry White Chocolate Tiramisu


The last time I tried to make tiramisu, I was defeated by an evil cookie known as the Anisette Sponge. The putrid taste of anise completely overwhelmed my decadent tiramisu and tasted as if someone had dumped a ton of licorice into it. It was just awful. I knew when I failed at making tiramisu last year that I would have to make another attempt at it. I can’t let myself be beaten so easily. The opportunity to prove myself came with the invite to a potluck party for a couple departing co-workers. Having free reign to bring any kind of dish I wanted, I decided to not go for something dripping in chocolate but also nothing that someone else might bring. I was craving raspberries that week and thought the combination of those and white chocolate might be a different spin to try for a dessert. I searched through Pinterest for all raspberry chocolate recipes until I stumbled upon this amazing tiramisu recipe from Sweet Sugar Bean. It looked so delicious that I knew I would have to tackle that as my redemption from last years disaster. And folks, all I can say is that I aced it… LIKE A BOSS. (I was told never to say that term because it “[didn’t] sound right coming from [me]”. I’m going to say it all the time now.)

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That’s The Way the Anissette Sponge Cookie Crumbles…


You don’t want to read this. Truly, in your heart, you are saying to yourself, “I could click out of this right now. I could remove myself from reading about this disaster to come.” Or, you could continue. Only the brave should. For this is one of the dumbest cooking adventures to date, folks. And I lived it. And by the end of it, my reaction was very much like this.

Tiramisu is an Italian dessert, a cake made with layers of coffee and liquor-soaked ladyfingers, a marscapone/egg yolk cream, and finally whipped cream and cocoa powder. I have been dying to try and make this utterly decadent dessert since I began my cooking adventures five months ago. I was ecstatic, I tell you. So when the opportunity to make it finally came, I leaped at it with overzealous joy. And I leaped over a few important ingredients by trying to substitute them with others. Here’s where things get weird.

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