Website Changes

Hey all! The website has been given a few impressive changes by Cheryl McKeary from Maine Authors Publishing. You can now access the series trailer from the main page of the website! It’s pretty cool that it’s embedded in there and looks pretty professional.

There are some changes to the book section as well. I’ve changed the excerpt that was up there from ‘Vox’ and also have added one for the upcoming book ‘Aequitas’ as a sneak peek. Changed the synopsis to a longer one (which just makes more sense), and darkened the background color to grey. The best change is now you can purchase a book through paypal from that page!

The author page got a make-over as well. I decided that I wasn’t happy with that long rant about myself that I’d written before so now it’s shorter and says the basics about me. At some point, I’ll get my author picture changed, too, but probably not until the second book comes out.

In other news, I finished up chapter 19 last night. I’m getting to the point where I’m starting to really want to finish this thing. So now that the summer hours at work are done and most of my friends have returned to their crazy college schedules, I’m going to take the opportunity to stay in as much as I can and get stuff done! I’m hoping that if all goes according to plan, I can get this thing wrapped up by, at least Halloween if not before.

Oh and other news. Monday the 22nd, I became one year older. Had a very nice time with my friends and family celebrating my induction into the world of all things 23. Ah, I want to get so much accomplished in the year to come. I don’t want to fry any brain cells either from trying to do too much so we’ll see how I manage to balance things out. 🙂

Other book news? I’ve had tons of ideas for short stories set within The Monstrum Chronicles world. There are things that I wish I could include in the books but just don’t have room for. Two at the moment come to mind. I’m hoping that I can write and publish both short stories in a collection to be released after ‘Aequitas’ comes out. We’ll see what happens.

And last but not least, I’ve been looking at my 3rd book in The Monstrum Chronicles and have been trying to decide what necessary changes need to be made. I’ve got a brilliant character from another abandoned project that I’d like to throw in if I can but I’m not sure how he’ll get along with the others, ha ha. He probably won’t. He’s kind of like that.

This weekend, Maine is supposed to be run over by a hurricane and we might lose power. If that happens, it means writing might not get done. My poor computer’s battery has decided to fail and I must keep it plugged in at all times to work (because I’m too broke to go and buy a new one). So, I may end up writing some things long hand by candle light… just like they used to do so long ago. I wouldn’t mind that, actually. 🙂

Well, I must be off! Until next time, good morning and happy writing!