Inspiration Through Music: Kosheen

Several weeks ago, I decided to make a playlist on Spotify of music from one of my favorite television shows, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. That means that I looked up all of the music that had featured on the show and searched for it song by song in Spotify. This all equals the fact that I don’t have too much of a life outside of my writing. When I get into a sticky spot with writing when I’m not sure where to progress, I like to look up and discover new music. So, I spent a lengthy time searching through all of the music. I was lucky enough to rediscover a band that I’d heard of years ago and yet, hadn’t fully explored, the amazing Kosheen.

Kosheen is a British trip-hop, break-beat band from Bristol… the same place where Massive Attack and Portishead, fellow trip-hop bands, hail from. I’m starting to believe that all the music that comes from there is great. I have a very particular connection to trip-hop in my writing in that it displays a somewhat darker and grittier path of thoughts. Since I mainly write horror mystery thrillers, I find that this kind of music really inspires me the most aside from score music. As of late, while working on my third book in The Monstrum Chronicles series, I have been listening to several of Kosheen’s songs, especially for my lilitu (vampire) characters who seem to identify better. Today, I’m going to share five of Kosheen’s songs with you and tell you what I see when I hear them.

Hungry: I have several main characters in my third book, one of whom is Harper, Torrent’s childe. Torrent is one of the protagonists of Vox and of Aequitas. Harper served as Torrent’s right hand during the incident in Seraphim City and has always had dreams of settling something that happened just before he was changed. He has a very difficult time choosing what is morally good or bad and struggles with this decision as is the nature of being turned into a monster from a human being. He wants to do what is good but also wants to satisfy his own needs. He wants to tie up the loose ends that haunt him. He is “hungry” for more than what he has right now and he isn’t sure if its the power that Torrent can promise him or just closure.

Damage: Another main character from the new novel is a woman who has become a young workaholic without room for romance in her life. I can’t say her name because I’ve honestly changed it about five or six times since I started the novel… and I may change it again. She had a relationship with the protagonist of the book, Whit, a person whom she wasn’t totally honest with. Being deceitful caused her to run out on their relationship and leave them unsure of the other, not quite trusting each other. This character has always been in the shadow of her father’s corporation and her family’s legacy. When she has a chance to start a life on her own, she’s too afraid to allow another person into it.

Overkill: Vera, one of the other main characters of Memento Mori, is returning to Seraphim City after having averted the law on more than one occasion. An event from her past ties her to the city and brings her back to try and sort things out. She’s been running with the guilt for so long and unable to fully start over without finding forgiveness, she finds herself inadvertently shackled to the city she once called home and pulled into the plot concerning the other characters in spite of her wanting nothing to do with it. She learns a lot about herself that she never wanted to know and in the end, has to decide whether these truths will crush her dreams of a new life and lock her into living the destroyed one she already has.

Addict: This song also inspires the character of Vera. Years ago, she discovered that she could do something that could harm people and this became an addiction for her, a tool for her to get the attention and the affection that she wanted. It was only until it was too late that she realized how far she’d fallen. She spent a very long time trying to break herself from the habit but more bad decisions forced her to leave the only place she knew. Even though the years have passed and she’s trying to make amends for what she did, she knows that the addiction is still there, lingering beneath the surface. Anything could crack it and send her spiraling down into another episode again. She can’t afford to let it happen. But there’s only so much she can handle, only so much she will be willing to take before the addiction becomes her crutch again.

Wish: This song speaks to me as one of Torrent’s beats. In Memento Mori, Torrent is the antagonist and one of the main characters once again. The entire series really revolves around him as he’s the one that launched it in my head. Torrent had an episode that caused him to literally go insane for a period of time. During this period, he destroyed a human city and murdered the majority of his coven, save for his childe, Harper. After those events, Torrent has never been sure of what he did down there and feels a certain detachment to the events despite the fact that he perpetrated them. Torrent has always had a very dark concern about where he came from and why he became what he is. He’s willing to do anything and everything he can to find out and soon this desire turns into an obsession. In this book, we learn just how far he’s willing to go and what is propelling him to do what he’s doing.

I realize that it has been several weeks since I posted an Inspiration Through Music blog. My thought with this topic now is not to make it a weekly blog so much as an occasional here and there blog. When it comes down to me having to choose between getting books written and doing a blog post that doesn’t get much weekly activity, I have to stick by my larger projects. For those of you disappointed, don’t be. I never said I’d stop writing this blog. I just won’t be doing it as frequently.

Next time on Inspiration Through Music, I’ll be looking into the works of The xx, a band whom I’ve been listening to a lot while I wrap up my indie travel comedy, Night Time, Dotted Line. For those of you interested, I have given myself a June 2013 deadline. I have four days to write about fifty to sixty pages.

So I’ll be writing a lot. Just so you know.



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    I can’t get enough of seeing how other writers use music to inspire themselves. Being introduced to new songs is pretty cool, too. 🙂 What songs inspire you when you’re writing your current WIP? Are there any new songs out there you can’t get enough of? Comment and let’s chat about it. I’ll be back tomorrow with some Voice commentary… I’m watching the results show now and hoping my faves get through!

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