Inspiration Through Music: Tomb Raider

This is not the first time I’ve done a dance with Tomb Raider music before on this blog. Earlier, I talked about how much the soundtrack to “Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness” (composed by Peter Connelly and Martin Iveson) had inspired several scenes for my latest book in The Monstrum Chronicles and earlier projects (including an earlier version of Night Time, Dotted Line when it was a thriller and not a comedy.) Admittedly, the Tomb Raider series is one of my favorites from my childhood, especially the first two games. When I discovered I could play the games in the CD player and listen to all of the different musical tracks, I was beyond excited. I was writing a fantasy novel about cats at the time (NOT the vampire/cat book…Ugh) and listened to these songs as inspiration. Losing myself in a song allows me to imagine places that don’t seem to be of earthly creation. It’s easier to create a place that is more sinister, or magical, or mysterious if there is a distraction from my everyday surroundings.  At the time, that was being bullied at school and listening to my brother practice his trumpet. (Sorry, bro.)

Nathan McCree is credited as the composer for several games in the Tomb Raider franchise, principally the first three (with Martin Iveson on 1 and 3). It’s his work on the second game that allowed me to explore different facets of my writing, particularly the adventurous and fantastical side. Having the inspiration to seed and grow those ideas is part of the reason that I write what I write today. They transported me and when you’re writing and reading, being able to lose yourself in the words is the entire point. Today, I’ll be sharing a few of the songs from the first and second Tomb Raider games with you and include a brief description of what I see when I listen to them. Enjoy.

Music 2: (TR1) The night sky lay open like dark and untouchable map above him. He followed stars that turned into constellations as if tracing a route he’d travel. This quiet and tranquility upset him. He’d been in constant motion for the last twenty-four hours, unable to relax, unable to look behind him without his thoughts racing. Here, surrounded by rough earth and celestial darkness, he couldn’t help but wonder how much further he had to go and where everything would finally come to a head.

Music 9: (TR1) She gazed at the book lying on the stone tablet before her. People had sacrificed themselves for this relic. Blood had been spilled time and time again in order to possess the power hidden within these pages. And she would be the first to touch it since it had been placed there; by people who feared the damage it could do. She reached out toward it and could almost feel the crackle of energy that hung in the air between her fingers and the book.

Lara Plays in the Snow: The bass pulsing through the club made his headache ten times worse. If it wasn’t so imperative that he come here, he’d have stayed away. Saturday nights were the definition of insanity at these kinds of places. All kinds of people were drawn to the thrill, the escape, and the promise of play that clubs offered. Some of the most dangerous hunters would be there that evening, under cover and with no way to differentiate themselves from the rest of the patrons. It was suicide walking into a place like this. But she needed him. He couldn’t let her down.

Venice Violins: The dance started with the strike of a violin and he pulled her into his embrace. They glided across the plush carpet and the sea of eyes watched their every move. Her skin tingled with heat, trying to keep her eyes on her partner, trying to smile, trying to relax. They couldn’t suspect. They shouldn’t be aware of what was truly happening. She need to keep her guard up, needed to pull them into the fantasy. She was the distraction. The dance intensified and she locked eyes with the man across from her, allowing a coy smile to brighten her features. This was the only chance they had. She had to make them believe she was who she appeared to be.

Bad Ass: With every step, her heart hammered harder against her chest. The night and mist ahead obscured the path. She tripped over rocks and roots, arms flailing as she swiped at bushes and thin tree branches. She didn’t dare look back. They were coming. She could hear the sound of their footfalls in the distance, boots trampling across the earth. How much further? Had she even gone the right way? How close were they? Each question escalated the fear and drove her pulse to a more rapid beat. It felt like someone was beating on drums inside her.

 Want to know more about Nathan McCree? Follow his Twitter here! He promises some rather big music news to share very soon. Sounds exciting!

Have an idea for a composer, band, or type of music that I can do in my next Inspiration Through Music blog? Send me an email!

Stay tuned for more ITM!



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