Cooking Adventure Delayed Until Sunday…

Folks, it’s just the way it’s got to be. If you’ve been following recent posts, you’ll know that not only was I hospitalized for an ulcer, I also got in a car accident. That makes things in my life kind of crazy right now.

I have SO much work to do. I’m in the middle of negotiations for a new car, I have the rest of Acquolina to edit, lay-out, and put the final spit and polish on for next week, I have to gather materials to present to the Rockland Library for the reading in October by Friday, I have to finish writing my second short story Tulip, and let’s not forget the rest of the editing and lay-out to do for Aequitas. I’ve got an immensely full schedule right now. I don’t have a day off again from my day job until Sunday… so, that’s when I’ll create the Baklava and post my Cooking Adventure.

I know you didn’t get to have it last week but on Sunday you will. And I will have another Cooking Adventure for Thursday next week.


Once this week is over, things will be back to normal-ish. Thank you for understanding!



2 thoughts on “Cooking Adventure Delayed Until Sunday…

  1. Schedules are not always possible to stick to because we are human, not machines! Celebrate your wonderful “humaness” and take a long slow and relaxing breath after an insane week! You deserve it. Looking forward to the next cooking adventure whenever you get to it!

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