Inspiration Through Music: Stacey Kent

It’s 53 degrees outside. It’s January. I live in Maine. Can someone please explain this? I was kind of hoping for some cold weather, something that would make me happy about spending the day inside instead of being out there. Sometimes I feel guilty about spending so much time inside writing my butt off. I don’t feel like I’m taking advantage of the good weather, that I should be out snowshoeing or cross-country skiing… something other than sitting here. I’d rather have a cold messy day where I can be thankful that I’m inside, where I can curl up on the couch and read a book, or stand in the kitchen cooking something and listening to some pleasant easy listening tunes. It wasn’t but a couple weeks ago that on a particularly nasty day, I discovered the musical stylings of Stacey Kent. With a smooth cool voice, she makes me feel happy to be in the kitchen, whipping up something scrumptious. Cooking Adventure or not, I’m much happier with something in this genre playing. I’ve always gone straight to Madeleine Peyroux, but know that I know of Kent, I’ve already thrown together a playlist of her stuff that I can just put on when I feel the need to relax into a certain project. Today, I’ll be sharing  4 of Stacey Kent’s songs with you and what I see when I listen to them. Sorry it’s only 4. Feeling a bit under-the-weather today guys. Enjoy.

Samba Saravah: A bustling cafe on a hot summer afternoon in Paris. The sidewalks are filled with people trying to get inside and enjoy a cool drink somewhere. Water can be heard gurgling from a nearby garden, flowers bursting from pots in spills of red and pink. You slide into the seat as if its the most comfortable place in the world and rest your hands on the cool glass table. A sparkling water arrives within moments. You take a small sip from the edge of the glass, feeling the ice clink against your teeth. The bubbles fizzle against the roof of your mouth and tickle your nose. Was there anywhere more perfect than this place right now? Where did you need to be and was it as important? All of that seems to just slide away the longer you lounge there, basking in the shade provided by the table’s umbrella.

What Are You Doing For The Rest of Your Life: She downs the rest of the gin and tonic and hesitantly rests the glass on the counter top. It’s ten o’clock and the bar around her seems to be in full swing. Yet, all around her she can’t break out of the turmoil in her head. She watches her hands as she clicks her nails on the counter, slides a finger through the drops of condensation left on the bar. There’s a song that sounds like a fog in her head; too pleasant, not something she really wants to listen to. She got out of the house to try and forget, to try and move past it. But that was foolish. It was all she thought about. It was impossible to focus on anything else. It hurt. And every time she thought about how much it hurt, it seemed to send all of those thoughts into a flurry. The song comes to a close. She stands up, shoulders stiff and back straight and leaves. It’s not the end of the world, no matter how much it hurts. Stay busy, lady, she tells herself. That’s the motto that works the best.

I Wish I Could Go Traveling Again: The bus bumped over the dirt road, sinking into potholes and bouncing all over the place. In the night, the countryside around her seemed unfamiliar, a foreign country, a place that wasn’t comfortable just different. And she was so happy to be there. It was such a change to what she was used to, sitting in an office all day long listening to people’s problems over the phone, people she’d never meet face to face. This was her way to escape, her vacation from the day to day melodrama of her life. She was excited. This was the start of a new beginning for her. This was the way to leave that old life behind and embark on something altogether new. The bus drifted down the road, encompassed in moonlight, the steady rumble of its engine slowly fading in the wind.

They Can’t Take That Away From Me: This song actually makes me think of my characters from Night Time, Dotted Line, my current project. The two characters who are total strangers, go on a cross country trip to an environmental conference, all the while contending with one another’s attitudes, different points of view on every day issues in the company of the one person’s dog. These two mesh together so well. At first, all they can do is bicker and find fault in one another. As the journey progresses, they gradually open up to one another, sharing things they never thought they’d share with anyone else. It’s a reminder that there is always someone out there you can tell something to. And these two soon learn that they really don’t know what they’d do without each other. This journey ends up changing their lives.

Next week on Inspiration Through Music, we’ll be looking at a few tracks from the amazing folk duo, The Civil Wars. Stay tuned!


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