March Updates

March is upon us!

Winter has been fairly productive here. I’ve been consuming lots of horror content and have been churning ideas in my ice cream-making brain as I write more short stories and work on getting novels in shape for submission and publication.

THE WILD DARK is currently at 28 brilliant reviews on Goodreads and 13 on Amazon. This might not seem like a lot to most of you but I’m absolutely over the moon. Every person that leaves a review or rating helps me get closer to selling the book to more people. Visibility is everything to indie authors and the more word-of-mouth is spread about the book, the more people will give it a try.

Click on the photo above to get to the online shop!

The last couple months have been filled with some brilliant interviews with my fellow horror authors about topics ranging from ghost stories to slow-burn horror, character-driven horror, forest horror, and small-town horror. I’ve done interviews with Kevin Lewis, Rob Smales, John Buja, Tom Deady, Kameryn James, Christine Lajewski, and Doug Rinaldi so far and it’s been an absolute joy to see where each author draws experience from.

Next week, I have the pleasure of speaking with Nick A. Zaino III about apocalyptic horror. He’s one of three guests left for Season 1 of W-interviews. If you aren’t able to catch our live Facebook conversations, you can find the recorded interviews over at my Youtube channel here. (Kameryn James and Doug Rinaldi’s videos will go up this weekend. Due to a technical error, Christine Lajewski’s video didn’t record. We’re setting up a date for another interview.)

March is Women in Horror Month! It’s a time to celebrate authors who identify as female. Support them by picking up one of their books and giving it a read! For WiHM, I’m reading the books pictured above (as well as a few not pictured!). Which brings us to our next section…


I compensated for only reading one book in January and read FOUR in February! I just couldn’t get enough of some of these books and poured through them in as little as a few hours. One of them (Abode by Morgan Sylvia), I read until I had color flashes in my vision. Pick that one up for WiHM, guys.)

The books I read were: Crossroads by Laurel Hightower, Abode by Morgan Sylvia, Lady of the House by Grace R. Reynolds, and The Last House on Needless Street by Catriona Ward. All of these were brilliant, amazing examples of horror and I recommend all of them.

Up on the docket next are:

  • Cackle by Rachel Harrison
  • The Worm and His Kings by Hailey Piper
  • Chocolat by Joanne Harris
  • Waif by Samantha Kolesnick
  • Beguilded By Night by Nicole Eigener


I’m crazy stoked (and a little terrified) for my first MAJOR multi-author event this spring. I’m going to Brian Keene’s Scares-that-Care AuthorCon April 1st-3rd in Williamsburg, Virginia. I’ve had the pleasure of doing lots of Comic-Cons in the past and several book fairs and readings but the scale of this event is so much bigger and more grand and I’m DYING to go!

Details aren’t official yet, but I’ll likely be speaking on a panel during my time at the convention. Not only that, but I will finally get to meet some wonderful writers that I’ve only had the pleasure of talking with on the Twitter-verse or Instagram. I’m really looking forward to this time to network with the other authors there and hopefully, sell some books!

Not only will the amazing Brian Keene be there, other guests of honor include Josh Malerman (author of Birdbox and Pearl), Hailey Piper (Stoker award finalist for Queen of Teeth), Grady Hendrix (Stoker award finalist for The Final Girls Support Group), S.A. Crosby (author of Razorblade Tears) and many more! Am I dreaming? Tell me I’m dreaming…

As a horror author, I love consuming all kinds of horror-related content. Not only is it entertaining, but it broadens my ideas while writing, provides inspiration and motivates me. This month, we watched several very cool (and very scary films, some new and others staples in the genre.

Get Out directed by Jordan Peele is one that’s been sitting on our shelves for a while. I LOVED Us and finally felt it was time to digest the one that broke Peele into the horror genre once and for all. It didn’t disappoint. My only complaint was that I wish it was longer. I absolutely dug the creepy vibes in this and wish there had been more time spent with Chris investigating the underbelly of his girlfriend’s family’s home. Also, I just found out about the “ghost deer scene” that was cut. Damn. I wish that had been left in!

We also watched The Cursed, a film by Sean Ellis. This one definitely scared me but also frustrated me. About 2/3 of the way through the film, the characters started doing ridiculous things. Like…there’s a werewolf running around out in the woods actively killing people and someone pops out to bring in the laundry. Fine, you could argue classism and that the maid was terrified that she’d lose her job if she didn’t do it and all that jazz, but… I see it as more of a lazy writing device to push along the story. All in all, it was still scary. There’s one scene mid-way through the film that legit gave me nightmares. It doesn’t help that we lost power the night after we saw this with a crazy storm and I had those images and howling wind to keep me company in the dark.

Other horror-related content consumed during February:

  • The first three episodes of All Of Us Are Dead on Netflix
  • The first two episodes of Two Sentence Horror Stories on Netflix

If you didn’t already know, The Monstrum Chronicles is getting an update this year! I’m planning on rereleasing the books with all new covers and layouts along with some special features including deleted scenes, inspiration behind the world and character building and more! I’ve already announced covers for VOX and AEQUITAS. This Saturday, I’ll be releasing the cover for MEMENTO MORI. Keep an eye out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for that.

This wraps up March! If you want more regular updates about me and my projects, be sure to subscribe to my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or whatever else you see my face on! Links can be found at the bottom of my author page on the website!

Until then, have a spring-y March!



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