Horror Fail Friday: JUMP SCARES!


Horror media, whether it is a film, video game, or book loves to employ jump scares. What exactly is a jump scare you may be wondering? Well, let’s put it this way: Say your main character is driving to a party at a friend’s house outside the city. All of a sudden, their car breaks down. They’re on an empty stretch of road and are forced to walk to find help. After trekking through the woods for over an hour, they happen upon a derelict mansion and go inside searching for a phone or something to aid them with fixing the car. The house is old, dark, and creaks with every gust of wind. The character digs out a flashlight and begins exploring. And then…this happens…

Typically, if the correct mood and music has been employed, we are frightened or startled because we didn’t expect something to happen right then. It “jumps” out at us from nowhere. However, there are more than enough times that someone has relied completely on the surprise jump-scare element to try to make their movie, book, or game scary. Surprise! Or not? Here’s a video compilation of games that didn’t quite scare Youtube Let’s Player HarshlyCritical. Be it repetitive use, weird animations, or poor timing, none of these did the trick.

Want to see more from HarshlyCritical’s youtube channel? Follow the magic link here!

Stay tuned for next week’s Horror-Fail Friday!


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