Inspiration Through Music: City and Colour

So, this man is one of my favorite musicians. Ever. Ever since I discovered City and Colour a couple years ago, I’ve been playing his music non-stop. City and Colour is the recording name for ultra-talented musician Dallas Green who has had his hand in a few other projects as a singer-songwriter and guitarist. One of his more recent ventures is with singer-songwriter (and badass) P!nk with their duo, You + Me. City and Colour is a blend of soft pastel acoustic romance (“The Girl”), bright electric pop (“Thirst”), intense and fiery passion (“Woman”), and cool and dark folk (“Nowhere, Texas”). I’ve been listening to him a lot while working on the sequel to “Night Time, Dotted Line” as well as working on “The Wild Dark”. Both books, though vastly different, have been inspired in parts by City and Colour’s very diverse styling. I’m always a fan of someone who can and does branch out uniquely and successfully in their genre, someone who really tries not to write the same song over and over again. It’s the reason why City and Colour is one of my absolute favorites to listen to no matter what project I’m working on. Today, I’m going to share a few of City and Colour’s songs with you and write what I see when I listen to them. Enjoy!

Nowhere, Texas: An incoming storm. The cloud looks alien, not so much grey as sepia and slowly coloring the landscape as if it’s an old photo. Nothing can be seen for miles. Telephone lines and roads are the only features of the land. A land of dirt and rock. The empty space here millions of years ago has come full circle. Any evidence of life has been scraped away, like paint sanded from old wood. A fresh slate. It’s almost as if nothing ever happened.

Wasted Love: Neon lights, blurred by the soak of alcohol. Scenes of places and people zoom by almost as if he was sitting in a car and riding by them with no control. A night to never remember. A place where people forgot who they were. A place that could define and sink you in a night if he wasn’t careful. He wasn’t.

Take Care: She rolled up the windows, watching the first splinters of rain hit the glass. This wasn’t how she’d expected things to go. It wasn’t where she’d wanted to end up. Months ago, she thought she’d had everything under control. She thought she was moving on. And somehow, she’d ended up confused and more alone than she’d ever felt. Where had she gone wrong? Was it better to not search for answers and leave it all in the past? Was that just how life was supposed to be? Why had it hurt to look for resolutions when they were supposed to end conflict? Why did conflict always win out?

City and Colour’s new album “If I Should Go Before You” releases October 9th! Want to know more about City and Colour? Check out the official website here.



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