The Midnight Frittata Train

COOKING ADVENTURE # 13: Sausage and Green Pepper Frittata

Frittata: the name of this recipe oozes easiness. After all, it’s eggs, a combination of vegetables and meat, cheese, and herbs. It’s something that anyone should be able to make along with an omelet. So, why do I get the feeling that I’ve messed up this ridiculously easy dish? Maybe because it was supposed to have been out of the oven about ten minutes ago and its… well… still cooking.

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Vox Reading Excerpt

I never realized how ridiculously difficult it could be to do a voice-over for a video without the proper equipment. I’ve been at this project for most of the day, but I finally have an end result. For those of you whom haven’t read my first novel, Vox, please check out this excerpt from chapter 7 that I’ve posted. It’s best viewed at night without the lights on. Oh, and tell me what you thought. It’s my first time doing something like this so… I’d like some feedback! 

I’m in the process of doing my cooking adventure. I’ll have that up for you guys later tonight! Thanks again!



Inspiration Through Music: Chopin

Classical music is of the utmost importance to my writing. There are times when contemporary rock and roll, trip hop, and pop just isn’t the right thing for the scene. And rarely is there something as pure and beautiful as one of Frederic Chopin’s compositions. Chopin is one of my cardinal four favorite composers (Debussy, Vivaldi, and Dvorak being the others). It’s Chopin’s skill for understanding how to move us with the trickling keys of a piano that moves me the most about his work. Whether upbeat and quick or calmer and gentle, each of the following songs has a special place in a certain writing project of mine. I’d like to share them with you and discuss what it was about each one that spoke to me.

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Amazing People: Give ’em some attention!

Good afternoon, readers!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for some time but haven’t had a chance to do it until now. That being said, let me explain why I need to do this.

I’ve met some extraordinary people in my journey to publish my book. They are gifted writers, photographers, commentators, bloggers… they are all deserving of some attention and I think it’s time they received some. These people were there for me, giving me encouragement when I needed it the most, and constantly providing some good karma. It’s time I returned the favor to them.

Below, you’ll find a list of some amazing people and their websites. Please visit them, read or view some of the things they’ve accomplished, and help them out by “liking”, “subscribing”, or “commenting” about it. Also, spread the word about them! Suggest their websites to your friends. They deserve some good vibes!

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“Heads Will Roll” Cake and My Arch Kitchen Utensil Nemesis

COOKING ADVENTURES #12: Raspberry Almond Coffee Cake with Coffee Caribe

When I’ve chosen recipes for my past cooking adventures, I’ve mostly chosen them from community websites with less than reliable cooks behind them. That’s understandable. There’s no telling if something’s going to come out good or not. But when you put your trust in a recipe from a well-recognized magazine, you expect it to come out good, especially if you’ve followed all of the directions! So, when my cake came out of the oven looking like a bloodied battlefield with raspberries that looked like decapitated heads littering its surface… I looked at my Taste of Home magazine, growled, and uttered, “Heads will roll for this.” I’ve also met my arch-nemesis in a kitchen utensil that must be wielded with extreme care. Even looking at it the wrong way might cause it to attack. The name of this arch-nemesis is Matilda.

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Inspiration Through Music: 90’s Movie Music Edition!

Oh, I knew this would happen. I started going through all of my 90’s movies, trying to come up with the ones that had the most inspiring and brilliant music. Of course, at first, I had a difficult time thinking of any. Then… I got swamped. By the time I’d made my “official list”, I had over 13 songs. That cinches it. There’s just going to have to be a part 2 to this post at some point. But for now, I’ll stick to the 10 that made the cut.

I may be an 80’s baby but most of my childhood was through the 90’s and a great deal of my favorite movie scores are from that decade. Several on this list had more than one track to choose from and it made it hard trying to narrow it down to one. I’ve chosen all different composers and tried not to repeat anyone although I had originally in my first round of pickings. Some of these composers are ones that I horde soundtracks of: Thomas Newman and Gabriel Yared for starters… But, there are also composers whom I don’t think have had enough recognition in here. There are movies that may contain one little gem of score music and most don’t recognize it. It’s these songs that I’d like to share with you today.

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The Hunger Games Cooking Adventure: The Odds Were Never in my Favor

Good evening, readers!

This special cooking adventure can be found on the webpage of my fellow author and friend, Jen Blood. She is the author of the newly-released novel, All The Blue-Eyed Angels, and has been participating in a month-long tribute to The Hunger Games. Currently, she’s involved in a community read project with the local highschool which meets every Monday night to discuss the book. Brilliant, and funny, she also offers several different tips for budding writers! Be sure to check out her website. It’s a wealth of information!

You can find my guest post on her blog here.

Next week’s Cooking Adventure will be Raspberry Almond Coffee Cake with Cafe Caribe. Stay tuned!


Inspiration Through Music: Dark Ambient

Dark Ambient: the ultimate soundtrack while working on a horror novel. Everything about these foreboding and twisted songs makes the goosebumps rise on your skin. You can imagine the creatures slinking through the darkness as they hunt their prey. You can see the empty old houses, the sun barely penetrating their grimy windows. There’s mist-cloaked roads, darkened doorways leading to unknown dens of terror, and open fields of tall grass where you hear nothing but know you’re not alone.

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Aequitas Edits ARE DONE!!!

A quickie post seeing as how it’s 10:30 and I’ve been on the computer for the last 16 hours. My eyes are exhausted but glory is the topic. My edits for book 2 are finished.

Now, I get to print out the enormous 331 page book, and give it to my mom, who will read it and ensure that I didn’t miss any critical things. I know I have. I’ve gone back and looked at it and have seen things. Plus when you edit in different moods, you notice different things, too. I need a break from it though, and its nice to have a fresh pair of eyes look it over. When she’s finished, I’ll go through her notes, and make the adjustments. Then, I’ll publish the sucker!! HAHAHA!

Now that I’m laughing like crazy, I’m going to do the dishes from my chicken egg drop soup frolic and go to bed.

Have a good night, all!


Malevolent Chicken Stock Creatures

COOKING ADVENTURES # 10: Chicken Egg Drop Soup

Before I get started on all things chicken, egg, and soup, I have a link for you all. Please do me the favor of clicking on this link. It will open up in a different tab and you will be ushered into what I’ve found is my ideal music for this particular cooking adventure. Enjoy it!

Today’s cooking adventure doesn’t really deserve to be called a cooking “adventure”. No, this was more of a cooking frolic. Frolics aren’t as dazzling and exciting. They are usually done in familiar places and don’t necessarily take as much time. They’re not dangerous or life-threatening. In fact, they sound like something you would do on a Sunday afternoon just before a picnic. But, on some occasions, even the most innocent frolic can hold a surprise.

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