Amazing People: Give ’em some attention!

Good afternoon, readers!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for some time but haven’t had a chance to do it until now. That being said, let me explain why I need to do this.

I’ve met some extraordinary people in my journey to publish my book. They are gifted writers, photographers, commentators, bloggers… they are all deserving of some attention and I think it’s time they received some. These people were there for me, giving me encouragement when I needed it the most, and constantly providing some good karma. It’s time I returned the favor to them.

Below, you’ll find a list of some amazing people and their websites. Please visit them, read or view some of the things they’ve accomplished, and help them out by “liking”, “subscribing”, or “commenting” about it. Also, spread the word about them! Suggest their websites to your friends. They deserve some good vibes!

Kale Poland: Kale and I worked together a few years ago at Maine Sport Outfitters. He’s a passionate triathelete, blogger, and has an even more insane addiction to coffee than I do (can it be believed?) He’s also the creator of the Aroostook Dirty-Thirty race, a free race that happens annually Maine. Here you can find a link to his blog, The Adventures of TentMan, a link to his home page can be found here, and a link to the Aroostook Dirty-Thirty page.

Joel White: Joel and I met through a mutual friend (thank you, Sabrina!). We’ve had some amazing photoshoot adventures involving railroad tracks, steampunk artillery, Sherlock Holmes, and epic stone totems. Joel definitely has an eye for images that will evoke emotions and trigger memories. Not only is he a brilliant photographer, he is also an incredible artist. You can find his facebook fan page here.

Jarhead Survivor: Yes, obviously that’s not his real name but I’m not sure he’d like me spilling it all over the web so I won’t! Jarhead and I actually met through a creative writing adult education class and were in a writing group for a couple years afterword. He’s a fountain of knowledge when it comes to anything and everything survival! He writes for the shtfblog (Shit Hits the Fan). You can find his twitter account here and a list of his blog posts here.

HarshlyCritical: As I believe I’ve mentioned before, one of my daily pleasures is to come home and watch a HarshlyCritical video on youtube. He does hilarious video game commentaries, several of them for games in the horror genre. Not only does he provide entertainment, he’s actually allowed me to find some fantastic music that I’ve used while writing (Limbo, Dear Esther…etc.) He is also a budding graphic artist. You can view his youtube channel here.

Jeff Foltz: Jeff is one of the many talented writers I’ve met through Maine Authors Publishing. His novel, Birkebeiner: A Story of Motherhood and War is an intrepid and stirring debut. He’s sold thousands of copies since the book’s release. Not only is Jeff an outstanding writer, he’s also a very kind friend who is always willing to offer advice to other authors. You can find his website here and his book on Amazon here.

Kevin Mills: Kevin is another author whom I met through MAP. He’s released three books in the last three years. And his books are thicker than mine!! Talk about a prolific writer! In addition to being an author, he’s also a reporter for the Sun Journal here in Maine. Kevin is an awesome person to know and when reading his novels, you really do feel as though you are inside of them, experiencing everything that happens to the characters. You can find his Goodreads profile here and his amazon author profile here.

EJ Fechenda and Kate Cone: I had the opportunity last year to do a reading in Portland with some other very talented authors. The open invitation was courtesy of EJ Fechenda and Kate Cone, who organized the event. I’ve since done another reading with them. Both of them are tremendous writers and have some intriguing books in the works. I know I won’t be the only one who’ll be snapping up their books when they debut! You can find EJ’s blog here and Kate’s page at redroom here.

Jen Blood: Jen is yet another author that I met through MAP. Recently, she asked me to do a guest ‘Cooking Adventures’ blog for her month long community read of The Hunger Games. She’s just released her debut book All the Blue-Eyed Angels, a book that people are calling “gripping”, “riveting”, and impossible to put down. Currently, her book is available on Kindle and paperbacks are available to pre-order. Jen is a smart and amazing addition to Mid-coast Maine’s diverse authors. Please check out her website here and the kindle version of her book here.

Carol Bachofner: Carol is one of the most wonderful poets that I know. She has four poetry books out and all are filled with emotive, dreamy, and vivid words. I met her at a spring workshop hosted by MAP and have enjoyed reading her various blog posts and news of her latest published works. Carol is a generous person and her work has many admirers. You can find her website here and her blog here.

These people are amazing! Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’m glad that I’ve had the chance to share their names with you so that you, too, may know them and share their works with others. The best thing that anyone can do is to spread the word about them. These people are so integral to our country (and mostly Maine’s) collection of artistic individuals. You guys are AWESOME!



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